We had the first CREST-SBM International Conference "Random Media" in the year 2010. This year we will have "Random Media II".


The scope of the CREST-SBM International Conference


 The human race living in the modern society has diverse difficult problems to tackle, which were categorized in a recent JST report as the following "10 challenges" : global environment changes, natural disasters, epidemics, life phenomena, mental phenomena, global security for energy, food and water, infrastructure sustainability, risk management and market stabilization, network security, development of functional materials. For solving these problems, mathematicians are now expected to contribute their knowledge and wisdom, and thus are supported by the JST research program "Search for Breakthrough by Mathematical / Mathematical Science Researches toward the Resolution of Issues with High Social Needs". Along this line, JST also set up the CREST-SBM International Conference series, which would deepen the mutual understanding among Sakigake and CREST researchers, presenting challenging subjects widely to the community of mathematicians. "Random Media" is chosen as the main theme of the first conference in the series in relation with "development of functional materials" among the above "ten challenges". The special session on "Proposals in Seeking for Advanced Functional Materials" will be held on the third day of the conference.



Latest News


We released the website "Random Media II" .



Download the poster here